Hotel Azat Naha lies only a short distance from Kokusaidori, the heart of the city of Naha in Okinawa. It is 30 seconds on foot from Asato Station. The hotel overlooks the Asato River and lies adjacent to the Sakae neighborhood. After the war, Sakae flourished as a market and shopping area. Asato recently became a popular gathering place for young people, all while retaining its old townscape and culture. A boardwalk along the Asato River was redeveloped around the area of Kokusaidori, and the river is re-emerging as an oasis inside the city. Hotel Azat Naha stands at the crossroads of many values and cultures. We want our guests to experience the contemporary Okinawan lifestyle in this small area. Hotel Azat Naha wants to support the future of Okinawa not just as a hotel, but as a platform that provides a space for exchange between residents and tourists. Hotel Azat Naha becomes one with the city, sending and receiving a new Okinawan culture.