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Terms of Service

The following is our Terms of Service, written in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms of Accommodation. We ask that all customers cooperate with these terms. If you do not comply with these terms, under Article 7 of the Terms of Accommodation, we will refuse to offer you accommodation or allow you to use other facilities in the hotel.

Also, we will not assume responsibility for any accidents that occur as a result of not following the Terms of Service, so please keep that in mind.

  • 1. Please do not bring in the following items into the hotel, as they may cause inconvenience to other customers.
    • a. Animals, birds, etc. (guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed)
    • b. Items that emit a strong smell or high frequency sound
    • c. Gunpowder, volatile oil, and other substances that ignite easily or are highly flammable
    • d. Guns, swords, drugs, and other items whose possession is prohibited by law
  • 2. Do not use the room for any other purpose than staying. Additionally, please do not use any rooms other than the ones you are registered for.
  • 3. Accommodation of minors without any adults will be refused unless permission has been given by a parent or guardian.
  • 4. Do not distribute advertisements or sell merchandise inside the hotel or within its premises.
  • 5. Please do not engage in gambling, activities that disrupt the public order, and activities that cause trouble for other customers.
  • 6. Please do not order food, drinks, etc. from outside of the hotel.
  • 7. Please refrain from leaving your guest room in a dressing gown, slippers, swimming wear, etc.
  • 8. Please do not move or tamper with the facilities or the furnishings inside and outside of the hotel. Expenses will be charged for damage, destruction, or loss of any items.
  • 9. Please do not take any photographs for commercial purposes in the guest rooms or within our premises without permission.
  • 10. Please check the lock when you are leaving your room during your stay. Also, please lock the door when you are resting in your room or sleeping. Do not open your door carelessly to suspicious visitors.
  • 11. Please do not have meetings with visitors inside the guest room.
  • 12. Please do not use use any devices that emit heat, either for heating or for cooking, inside the guest room.
  • 13. Please do not smoke in places where the surroundings could catch fire, such as on the bed. Do not engage in any activities that could lead to fires.
  • 14. Please check the evacuation route near the guest room entrance, and the emergency exits on each floor in case of emergency.
  • 15. Please leave cash and other valuable items at the front desk. If items are lost or stolen in the guest room, there may be cases where the hotel will not take responsibility.
  • 16. Any forgotten items will be kept at the hotel for a certain period of time, and after that, we will dispose of them in accordance with the Lost Goods Law.
  • 17. Whenever a bill is shown by the front desk during your stay, we ask that you make your payment at the front desk each time.
  • 18. We cannot temporarily pay for shopping, tickets, taxis, postage stamps, shipping, etc.
  • 19. When you are taking a bath, please be sure to close the bathroom door. It is possible that the fire alarm will react to the steam generated by the bath.
  • 20. Please understand that as a precautionary measure for natural disasters, none of the windows in our guest rooms can be opened.